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Increase the impact of your guidance

Guide your clients when they most need it, at their own pace and within the relevant context. Pluform.com starts from the needs of the clients and makes the collaboration easy. Personal communication and your one to one dialogue are at the centre of the process.

work smart and together in one place
various means of communication
your own content library
all your work documented
design and create personalized development paths
multi language

Create personalized content

Guide, provide insights and inspire your clients with assignments, exercises, movies and other multi media. Create the ideal custom made learning environment for any client.

assignments and exercises
set individual goals
inspiring movies
interesting articles
questionnaires and tests
content modules and e-learning

Scalable and always available

With Pluform.com you provide your clients with a way to work independently irrespective of your own availability. This way you can guide multiple clients simultaneously and effectively. Your clients are working on their development anytime, anywhere, in their customized development path.

24/7 availability
mobile and tablet enabled
stimulate through empowerment
continuous development process

Safety and privacy first

Pluform.com has multiple security features designed to protect your and your clients data. In line with legislation the data in Pluform.com is never shared with third parties.

strong encryption and authentication
2-way SMS verification
SSL-EV safety certificates
encrypted datastorage
strong privacy policy

Great user experience

Pluform.com enables you to optimize your development process. All communication is easy to do and presented in a clear way. Your client always has the newest software at hand, including new features and security updates.

intuitive use
great experience
no software maintenance
scalable and customizable
customer support and help
start immediately

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