Online guidance in education

Pluform wants to support and improve the professional guidance of students. Therefore Pluform gives access to an online environment that enables education professionals to guide students individually or in a group.

Improve study results through effective guidance, support students when they need it the most
Online guidance is in line with the reality of young people, making contact easier which helps to keep a better view on the development of students.
Secure online environment, direct and always available, which facilitates more frequent contact thus speeding up the process of getting to the core of the problem.

Case: Amsterdam University uses Pluform to guide students online, individually and in groups

The Amsterdam University of applied sciences has experienced that online guidance, using Pluform has significantly improved the quality and efficiency of their student guidance services. For the Amsterdam University the main advantage of online guidance is that the guidance professional/teacher can be directly involved in the content of the project and the students experience a higher degree of involvement.

This stimulates a positive outcome for both the university as well as the student. Students reach out to their teacher when they need guidance allowing them to be there when needed the most, with the right support.

Case: ROC Midden Nederland uses Pluform for effective student guidance

Students of the ROC Midden Nederland can go to more than 30 student counselors and 9 social workers for additional guidance. As students of the ROC MN are increasingly active online, ROC Midden Nederland felt it was time to start using online tools and align their student guidance in a way that was more in line with the reality of students. In collaboration with eCoachPro and Pluform, ROC MN now offers guidance and counseling embedded in the daily practice of their students.

Guide more students, more effectively

Easy to implement and direct access everywhere

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Currently Pluform is used by many guidance professionals, student-psychologists, teachers, tutors, mentors and students. The Amsterdam University, ROC Midden Nederland, Hogeschool of Rotterdam and Scalda use Pluform on a daily basis for more effective and efficient guidance of their students.