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Online dialogue: personal interactive conversation

Pluform enables personalized conversations and is designed around the dialogue with your clients. Messages are clearly presented with a direct link to customized assignments and excersises. After a message has been posted notifications are sent automatically.

conversation messaging
profile pages
multi-media options
assignment allocation
drafting options
real-time notifications
automatische notificaties
secure and safe connection

Assignments: create customized content

All clients are unique. This is why enables you to provide information, content, assignments and exercises based on the clients needs. You can create or upload content and multi-media. You can save it in your profile and assign it to one or more clients. Simple, safe and re-usable.

create assignments and excercises
work together in one place
offer multi-media content
duplicate content and assignments
link content to the dialogue
secure data storage

Library: all your work in one place

You are able to build a library of applicable content. Also you can easily re-use and assign content to specific clients. This way, your client always has access to the relevant files and work related to his/her development. The client can also collect and store inspiring and relevant content and multi-media.

save documents
archive content
import files
24/7 availability
safe and secure data storage

SMS functionality: support your client with high impact

Be there for your client at the right moment with a supporting message. has an integrated SMS feature to send a message to your client’s mobile phone. You can communicate a powerful and motivating short message with maximum impact support.

sending SMS messages
stimulating your client on the right moment
reminder SMS
integrated SMS in the Dialogue
high impact
fully mobile

Online Modules: develop modular learning content

Pluform enables you to combine the benefits of e-learning with personalized online guidance from you. Create your own content modules, assign to clients and start your clients’ development.

advanced exercises
integrated into your dialogue
safe and secure data storage

Flexible professional terminology

Change the terms for Expert, Client and intervention and choose a term that fits your organization, job and work field. Are you a career coach, or do you guide students instead of clients? Would you prefer to use the term assignments instead of interventions? You can change this in Pluform.

Choose your profession
Online guidance that fits your practise

Video Calls

You can expand your services with Video Calls in Pluform! It is possible to have a conversation via video in Pluform. Video calls give you endless possibilities to customize your guidance even more.

Expand your services
Independent of place

Nowadays thousands of guidance professionals and clients use Pluform.

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