Welcome to your free Expert Online License on Pluform!

Pluform decided to offer new users the opportunity to use Pluform for free during the Corona crisis. This way, you can investigate whether Pluform is a useful tool for you to continue your service online.

With this free account you have the possibility to use our professional tool Pluform for 90 days. This is completely free of charge and without obligation.

Activate your Free License here

What’s in the free License?

In the free account you can:

  • Accompany 10 clients at the same time, 
  • Conduct an online dialogue with them, 
  • Use the library, 
  • Creating and maintaining client files,
  • Create interventions,
  • Use our service desk.

You can also make use of the SMS services. This means that you and your client can also communicate via SMS. At crucial moments you can, for example, give your client that extra push by sending him or her an SMS.

You can also add your organization’s logo and slogan to the design.

How long is this free account valid for?

Your Free License is valid for 90 days. Depending on how the Corona crisis will develop, this special action will be extended or completed. We will inform you about this in time. If you would like to use other features during this period you can easily upgrade (with additional cost)

What happens when the free period ends?

If the 90 days have passed and this promotion is not renewed, your free account will automatically be deactivated. You don’t have to do anything yourself. After deactivation, you will no longer be able to log into your account. Any clients you had in your account can still log in and view the dialogue and the assignments, but they can no longer communicate with you via Pluform.

Attention! This special action cannot be used in combination with other actions.

Activate your Free License here