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Everything you need as a guidance professional

Secured communication, client oriented with custom made development programmes, building personal files, accessible always and everywhere on a computer, tablet and mobile device.
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Tools your clients want

Work in an attractive, private and secure environment, focused on their professional development and personal learning objectives, accessible always and everywhere on a computer, tablet and mobile device.

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Pluform is used by different kind of guidance professionals

Healthcare professionals

Do you position the client-patient relationship at the heart of your business? Do you want to offer support in a flexible way? Is personal communication important to you? 

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Education professionals

Are you involved with guiding students? Would you like to get closer to your students and make your guidance processes more flexible and scalable? 

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Coaches / Counsellors

Are you working as an independent professional or as a freelancer for organisations? Would you like to improve the effectiveness of your services using online opportunities?

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Career professionals

Are you responsible for people development or career planning of employees? Are you interested in increasing the effectiveness of your services in a digital way?

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Tools for the guidance professional

Personal online conversation

For many coaches, ninety percent of their guidance activities are face-to-face conversations. With personal online conversations, you will be able to get quicker and better results. In the digital dialogue the conversation with your client is centralized and has a very clear and structured lay-out. Online communication has never been so personal and effective.

Individual learning programs and content

Design sustainable development programs and built individual learning paths. Create, share, store and recycle individual assignments, exercises, interventions, movie-clips and other content for your clients. Empower your clients to build their personal learning experience and make your guidance more personal, more effective and above all more successful!

Insights and ease of use

It has never been easier to add new clients, to start your work and monitor the progress. Your clients are empowered to work proactively and independently when suitable for them. In a blink of an eye you have an overview of the recent activities and can respond when it is best for you.

Secure and mobile accessible

Protect the privacy of your clients with the newest online security features. Grant access to personal files by using strong passwords and SMS authentication. Collaborate in a secure and reliable way in one platform, any time on any device.

Library, Workbook, Objectives, E-Learning, Video, Modules, Groupwork

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