New feature: Flexible naming

From now on it is possible to personalise Pluform even more…

At this moment the terminology ‘Coach’, ‘Client’ and ‘Interventions’ are set as default throughout the platform. However, for many users the terminology doesn’t cover their professional profile.

In the past year we’ve often received the request of our users to change the terminology to better reflect their professional profile. From now on you can! Are you for example a career advisor, a therapist or a tutor? Do you work with with patients or students instead of clients?

Do you prefer to use the term ‘Exercise’ instead of ‘Intervention’? With the new ‘Flexible naming’ feature you can now adjust the terminology for your organization. The new terminology will be visible throughout Pluform. This allows you to personalise Pluform to better align with your professional profile and your clients.

Flexible naming is available to all users with a Free Trial License. If you like this feature, you can add it to your Pro License. Would you like to add Flexible naming to your Pro License? Please contact the service desk at or +31(0)13-2070180

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