Upgrade to a Pro License

Have you tried out Pluform and would you like to continue using this safe and user friendly tool after your trial period?

When you do the upgrade to a Pro License, you can continue offering your clients the best professional guidance they deserve. Below you can choose the functionalities you would like to add to your Pro License.  Would you like to have more information on what a certain feature encompasses, or do you have another question? Scroll down to find the Frequently Asked Questions.


Frequently asked questions

Many guidance professionals work with Pluform. Below, you will find the answers to our most frequently asked questions.

1) What is a Pro License?

With a Pro License, you can continue using Pluform after the test period of 30 days.

In the Pro License, you have the same functionalities you also had in your test account (excluding Flexible Terminology). You can guide up to 10 clients at a time.

There are also some extra features you can choose in your Pro License. For instance, choose to further secure your account with 2-way verification. Also, you can upgrade your account with video calls, an unlimited number of clients you can guide, and the feature of group discussions. See the overview above for pricing.

Do you wish to work with multiple coaches on one account, or are you from an education organization and do you wish to use Pluform? We have more functionalities that might suit what you are searching for. Please contact the servicedesk.


2) What is the functionality ``Flexible Naming``?

Flexible naming means that you can change the standard terms “Coach”, “Client” and “Intervention” into other terms that better fit your organization. For instance, you could change the terms into “Career Coach” ,”Coachee”, and “Assignment”.

Is the for you right term not available in Pluform? Please contact the servicedesk and we will make sure that the right term is there within 24 hours!

You can use the feature flexible naming from €2,49 per month.

3) What is 2-way verification?

2-way verification is an extra security measure for your account. When logging in, you will get an sms verification code that you need to fill out, after filling out your username and password. This verification code is an extra proof that you are the person who is logging in. If you add 2-way verification, your clients will also be able to use this option.

The feature 2-way verification comes at €2,49 per month.

4) What is video calling?

With video calling, you can communicate with your client through video calls. This is a nice functionality if you wish to talk something over face-to-face.

When having added video calling, you will be able to see when your clients are online. Your clients will not be able to see when you are online. In this way, you will always be the initiator of a video call, and not be disturbed by your clients.

You can profit from video calling from €4,99 per month.

5) What is an unlimited number of clients?

With the feature Unlimited clients, you can add an unlimited number of clients to your Pluform account. The maximum of 10 clients will not apply to your account anymore.

Tip: Are you considering to get this feature, but are you not guiding 10 clients at the same time? Archive the clients you are not guiding any more! You will not need the unlimited clients feature.

This feature comes at €4,99 per month.

6) What is the feature group discussion?

The dialogue in Pluform is standard 1 on 1 (coach and client). With group discussions, you can have a dialogue with multiple clients and coaches in your account.

This feature can be used at €4,99 per month.

7) What is the quarter-year license fee?

In Pluform, your license is for a year, and you will get your invoice once a year. If you prefer paying in terms, you can get a quarter-year license. This comes with a small administrative fee of €1,74 per month.

8) What is the contract period for a Pro License?

Year License: The duration of a contract is 12 months. After this term your contract will be renewed for 12 months without notice. If you wish to cancel your license please contact the servicedesk with 1 month notice.

Quarter License: The duration of your contract is 3 months. After this term, your contract will be renewed for 3 months without notice. If you wish to cancel your license please contact the servicedesk with 1 month notice.

9) How do I cancel my license?

Year License:  When your contract expires, it will be extended for 12 months without further notice. If you wish to cancel your license please contact the servicedesk with 1 month notice.

Quarter License: When your contract expires, it will be extended for 3 months without further notice. If you wish to cancel your license please contact the servicedesk with 1 month notice.

10) How do I upgrade to a Pro License?

You can sign up for a Pro License on this page. Choose the features you want and press “sign up now”. If you have trouble signing up, please contact our servicedesk.

11) How does the payment procedure work?

If you have requested a paid year or quarter license, you will receive one digital invoice for your license on your provided email address. All prices are excluding VAT.

12) In my organization, I wish to use a license for multiple coaches. Which license should I get?

Do you work with several coaches or counselors and multiple clients? We can offer you a business license with additional organizational functionalities. More information? Please contact us for a free advice..

13) How does Pluform keep my data and my clients' data safe?

We attach great importance to the privacy of our users. See our full Privacy and Security Policy here.
*Payment is through a year- or quarter year license. If you choose a quarter-year license, you will pay a small administrative fee.