Online Masterclass E-coaching

Are you looking to enhance your guidance skills and are you interested in the basic principles of e-coaching and how you apply them in your daily practice? Then this Masterclass just what you need!

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Bring your skills up to date

Together with our colleagues from eCoachPro, we organise online master classes a several times a year. This online and international Masterclass on e-coaching is an extended training programme to elaborate on the approach and skills that you have already learned and practiced. Download the flyer with the complete programme here: Online Masterclass Flyer (PDF).

What does Masterclass E-coaching have to offer?
If you want to start with online guidance/e-coaching, you should be aware of the possibilities and limitations. The emphasis in this Masterclass is on text-based coaching. Verbal communication is taken away, which requires extra care with a different form of communication in a professional dialogue. To effectively apply online guidance, you need the appropriate language skills; what is the effect of the use of your language, what is your client really saying in his / her message, how do you align your language to the language of your client?

Who is it for?
The Masterclass is aimed at coaches, career counsellors, HR(D)- professionals, counsellors, guidance experts and supervisors who want to learn how online guidance/e- coaching can be successfully implemented.

More information and registration
You can find more information on course dates, costs and registration at the eCoachPro website: Online Masterclass E-coaching.