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Log in as a Coach

Demo-account: Robert Wright:

  • Use email address: robert_demo_coach@ecoachpro.nl
  • Use password: Pluform@2021

Log in as a Client

Demo-account: Kevin Young

  • Use email address: kevin_demo_client@ecoachpro.nl
  • Use password: Pluform@2021

The Coach demo is set up in the following way:

  • This is the account of (executive) coach Robert Wright
  • Robert completed a 12-week coaching program with client Kevin Young. This whole program, including all communication and exercises, can be followed in this demo
  • Robert is still coaching 4 other clients and facilitates a group dialogue in a Leadership program
  • Robert uses the Client Session Logs to keep track of the progress and the Timesheet for his own hour registration
  • Robert is as pool manager responsible for 3 other coaches including the matching of clients
  • Robert uses the HR Dashboard to keep an overview of all the coaching in his organisation

The Client demo is set up in the following way:

  • This is the account of client Kevin Young
  • Kevin contracted eCoachPro for his coaching program
  • Kevin is connected with (executive) coach Robert Wright
  • Kevin completed a 12-week coaching program with coach Robert Wright
  • All communications between Kevin and Robert, and all exercises and assignments that Kevin worked on, are visible within this demo account

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